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Summer Bag Saga

That's the whole story for this summer ... I am a confirmed bag counting crazy woman.  Working most days to weed out and pare down the belongings that are jammed into every nook and cranny of this place -- things we neither need nor use.  Not very exciting stuff.  For exciting stuff, you need to check the archives.  That is all here, too.  Just look back, back, back.

For today -- bags.  Today, I've bagged old towels (some of which made the move with me from Colorado), and bath mats.  Three bags full.

Bag total has now reached 35.


  1. There must many things in those bags that would be useful to someone - what do you do with the bags once you have filled them?

  2. Malcolm, I sold boxes of books at Half Price Books. Anything that is usable, I've donated to Goodwill where things will be sold at bargain prices to those who can use them. Those donations put the disabled to work in Goodwill Industries stores and shops, so they do double duty on the plus side. Some of what is tucked into the corners here is just truly junk, and that is off to the trash/recycle bins.


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