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More Bags

I finished the work in the garage this morning, and then went right on to kitchen cupboards.  That resulted in 8 more bags which brings my total to 29.  I am finding it disconcerting to notice how motivated I am by this count thing.  What can that possibly say about me?  Oh well, whatever it is, my house is getting tidier by the bagful.


  1. I was just wondering whether telling us, having the blog (and us) as the cheering section was motivating.


  2. I do think there is always benefit when we cheer each other on. Bags or whatever else it may be. Motivating? Somehow, I am getting a charge out of seeing the number climb, and the tally here feels a lot like the recording of other events and changes. So that someday there will be a record of it all.

  3. Congrats and way to go Swan! When I relocated from CA to TX, I found it very freeing to get rid of some many things I had been hauling around. The hardest was 95% of my book collection, which I donated to Hospice, and decided I'd find most of my books at the library where they would be all nicely organized, or though half priced books. Buy and then resell for another adventure.


  4. I wish you could come here and put stuff in bags while Rose isn't looking. Rose feels that throwing anything away is dangerous or wasteful, and if I fill a bag with rubbish and she sees it before I can take it out to the highway, she will look in it and start taking stuff out again.


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