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Summer time and the living is easy...  Or not.
Summer is the time that I take care of the projects that I do not get to during the school year.  As the years go by, and I get older, that list seems to get longer and longer and longer.  And, always, at the very, very top of the list of projects I put off as long as I can possibly get away with it (any excuse will do), is cleaning (really cleaning) the refrigerator.
Oh...  I take care of the easy stuff; cleaning up the spills that sometimes happen, trying to maintain some sort of order.  Yeah.
It is the full on, pull out all the stuff, empty the beast, remove all the shelves and drawers, scrub the insides, rinse the insides, reassemble the insides, vacuum the coils and the fans and the whatyamacallits, fix the stupid water line (because moving the thing always causes it to leak on both ends), push it back into its spot, reload all the junk -- THAT kind of refrigerator cleaning that I avoid like the plague.  Oh, and did I mention that there have been summers lately where I haven't gotten to it at all -- post-surgical nurse duties made a very convenient excuse, don't you know?
Today, however, was the day.  It needed to be done.  Desperately.  Even I couldn't put it off any longer.  I will spare you the gory details.  Suffice it to say, it is done, with significant help from Tom.  Done.  An accomplishment.  How pitiful is that?

Of course, I DID keep track of the fact that I tossed out a trash can full of jars with just that little bit in the bottom -- the bit that is such a shame to waste.  Today, I was determined to not keep the tablespoon of pickle relish, or bit of grape jam that wouldn't manage to cover even one piece of toast, or the salad dressing that no one in the house likes.  Yup.  Gone.  So add that to my bag challenge -- up to 5 bags.  So far so good.

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  1. I was telling someone about the decrappifying challenge. Congrats on your achievement so far!



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