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Tom and I saw Nymphomaniac Vol. I and Vol. II, yesterday afternoon.  The movie(s) were released here in the U.S. in March and April, but here in Cincinnati, it will play for just four days in the local art theater.

It was showing in the modern day incarnation of a "double feature," (for anyone old enough to remember that once commonplace movie event).  We three went to try and see it on Saturday afternoon, but there was a technical problem at the theater (or so we were told), and the first volume was not able to be shown.  So, we chose to see it on Sunday.

It was, besides being a long afternoon of movie viewing, and intense experience.  Despite the fact that there are lots and lots and lots of unsimulated sex scenes of all sorts, I really didn't experience the movie as sexy or erotic.  Interesting.  Compelling.  Thought-provoking.  Challenging.  Beautiful.  All of that, but not particularly sexy.

It was well worth the time.  See it if it comes to a theater near you.

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