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The Garage

If you are one of those long, long, long time readers, you will remember that my annual nemesis is THEGARAGE.  I don't always get on here and whine about my less than glamorous adventures in the garage, but trust me it does happen.  You can read about my ongoing effort to keep our garage organized here, and here.  It is a battle that I lose on a regular basis.  That is mostly because, the only real storage spaces in our condominiums are the one-car garages.

Every summer, as soon as I can get rested enough to feel like tackling it, the garage becomes a priority on my list of things that must be taken care of.  And, inevitably, by the time I get to the point where I feel like I can face it, the weather here in Cincinnati has turned hot and muggy.  Today is THAT day.  Hot and muggy.  Garage clean out day.

I did not get it all finished.  I would have, probably, but my car is too small to haul everything that is going to Goodwill.  So, I'll have to make that run tomorrow, and then finish the garage.  I am close.

And...  I tossed out, or boxed up to give away, 8 bags/boxes of junk.

Total for my summertime bag challenge = 17 bags/boxes.  :-)


  1. I am impressed...garage is a BIG job!!
    hugs abby

  2. Garage is a huge job. You are rocking this decluttering. (I wonder if I could get 40 bags just out of the garage?)


  3. Ordalie3:21 AM

    The more outhouses you have, the more junk you hoard (based on "the more the merrier" but here I'm not sure it's is correct English). We've got two outhouses and a garage and unfortunately I've also got a husband who is loath to throw anything away. You can imagine what they look like since we've been living in this house for twenty-five years.

  4. Thanks, friends for the cheering from the sidelines. I do appreciate it.
    Fury, I am positive I could get more out of the garage. May do so. When I get to the remaining bits. But there are things that Tom is not going to let go, and I have some goodies of my own too. So...
    Ordalie, we do use "the more the merrier" here in the States. However, we generally use the term "outhouse" to denote a usually wood building around a pit where people go to "potty" when they live in a home without any plumbing. I have only been here for 11 years, and the junk pile is overwhelming. Sheesh!


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