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OK.  Nothing heavy today.
School is out!  Out for the summer.  Longest, most difficult year I have ever had in over 20 years in the teaching profession.  Not the kids.  They were great, and I did fall in love again.  Always.  But the hierarchical, political, theological nonsense -- exhausting, depressing, frustrating.  I am worn out with worry and hurt and sorrow for what might have been and what has been lost.  However that all works out in the end, THIS year is done.  I am DONE.
So.  It is summer.  Yellow sun and yellow flowers and yellow song birds.  Luscious, yellow, summer fruits:  apricots, peaches, mangos, pineapple, and lemons.
It is a season for resting, playing, finding the lightness in life.  I am ready for some light times, for some fun, for some silliness.  And so, to wrap up this meander through the emotional color wheel (and yes I know I didn't do orange or purple -- feel free to pick those two up if you are so inclined), my warm, energetic, inspirational, laughing, confident, and optimistic weeks of summer break lie ahead.  I intend to bask in the sun and take in whatever there is of happiness to be had through these next few weeks.


  1. Happy happy summer break Sue!!!! enjoy all that summer has to offer :)

  2. We have just a few more days...the anticipation is killing some of us more than others. :)

    Hope you all have a lovely summer!


  3. Another 3 weeks for us. We start later and finish later.

    And I really like yellow btw,

    Have an amazing summer!


  4. How long do you get? I Hope it's more than the measly eight weeks or so we get here. Far too much time is spent on school in this country. What a shame you have to deal with the theological stuff. Have you read Sam Harris's "The End of Faith"?

    We are actually finished with our "summer" break and schools are already back. I didn't realise it until I tried to cycle into town this morning and found the roads clogged at 7 a.m.

    1. Malcolm, Our students come back on August 26th, so the break is pretty significant.

      Thanks for the book recommendation. I will try and hunt it down.

      I just ordered all of Rebecca Newberger Goldstein's books, so my reading list is pretty extensive at this point, but I am always happy to add another book to the pile.

      Thanks for caring, my friend.


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