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Actually, I DO have something to say about that "c-string" bikini thing, and that would be, simply, "WHY?"

Why bother?  If we have come to this:  micro-bits of clothing intended to emphasize (rather than conceal) the body parts that we have customarily kept out of sight, then we have come to the point of foolishness.  Let us, as a culture, just admit that our goal is to put genitals out in plain sight, and then do that.  Leave the coy, peek-a-boo nonsense behind, grow up, and just let everyone who wants to do so go naked.

I do not object to visible body parts.  The human body is not at all shameful, and there is no reason, beyond culturally imprinted prudishness (or religious practice), to hide the fact that we are male and female.  If we do not value modesty, and a cursory perusal of our music, our movies, our advertising, our sidewalks and public places would indicate that we do not, then let's just stop playing this game of sartorial chicken.  I am pretty sure that I'd be more comfortable with simple, honest, straightforward public nudity, than I am with the intentional application of pseudo-clothing that is intended to scream, "LOOK everyone, I have a vagina/penis."  Since the anatomical reality of that statement is pretty much a given, the whole business is clearly about adolescent attention getting behavior.  For my money, if you are wanting everyone to notice your man bits or lady parts, then just put 'em out there, and let's all take a good look.  Maybe then, we would all finally come to understand that anatomy does not equal sex.

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