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VCR Tapes

I have collected stuff over the years.  There were, stored in bins under the bed in the guest room, VCR tapes -- lots of them.  For the youngsters among you, that's "video cassette recorder."  Movies used to come on
VCR tapes, and we often went out on Friday night with our kids and rent VCR movies for the weekend.  Over the years, I accumulated a pretty good collection of them, but then there were DVD's and now, of course, movies can just be "ordered up," on demand.

I actually still have a VCR player, but I'm pretty sure I haven't tried to play a "videotape," for years and years.  So, today, the three bins of VCR tapes were loaded in my car and hauled off to Half Price Books (yes, they still take them, thank goodness).

I saved Tom's spanking videos.  I saved our autographed copy of Jay Weissman's "Introduction to Rope Bondage."  I saved "Singletails in the Scene."  I also saved "Mindwalk," and "A Brief History of Time," just because they are interesting and arcane bits of cinematography that I expect would be hard to replace.

Bag Challenge total = 8 bags.

1 comment:

  1. Bravo!

    I wonder if you'll sweep through 40 and keep going.



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