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Tai Chi Thursday

Tom started taking Tai Chi classes last winter.  The instructor continued into the summer, and Tom asked me if I wanted to join the class while I am off.  That's how it came to pass that I haul myself out of bed at a totally unreasonable hour of the morning on Thursdays and go off to spend an hour looking like a total klutz.  It turns out that Tai Chi does not come easily or quickly.  Duh!

Did I mention that I have balance issues?  Or that I cannot readily remember which is my left / right hand?  Yeah.  Klutz.  

The good news is that I'm not very far behind most of the members of the class.  They began together in April I think, and had 8 classes together before I dropped into the whole thing about three weeks ago.  At least I am surrounded by people who sort of know the forms I am trying to learn.  And they all keep reminding me that everyone learns at their own pace.  Is klutz a pace?  

However it goes for the rest of the summer, I hope to gain a bit better balance, maybe some improved muscle tone in my legs, so that my knees won't hurt so much.  That's probably worth the getting up early on Thursday mornings.

1 comment:

  1. I took Tai Chi last Fall. Don't talk to me about feeling like a klutz!! Dear God! I was the BIGGEST klutz in the class. I was all set to stick with it - but unfortunately after finishing the beginners class I managed to land up in a group with a totally rabid teacher. I quit. At my age I don't need, want or am inspired by that kind of teaching.........

    Hope you enjoy your class !!


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