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We are three adults living in a polyamorous triad family. The content here is intended for an adult audience. If you are not an adult, please leave now.


Our Family -- Today

I am going to just say the things that are true, so that we can quit worrying about what to say here for now.

On Tuesday evening, after we returned home from the funeral and burial for T's mother, things descended into an alcohol-fueled crisis. 
Tom is not currently living with us, and that may be the reality for the foreseeable future.
T and I are working to sort out logistics and details, trying to figure out how to keep our homes and keep our family intact.  She and I are of one mind, working in concert, but uncertain what we can really bring to pass.
Clearly, there will be very little of the customary content here anytime soon.



  1. I am so very sorry, for all of you. But I'm glad to hear that you and T are of one mind.

    As for "customary content"... I will take the risk of suggesting that most of us who are reading here come with a supportive mind. The content we seek is news of how you all are and how you are managing the hard challenges which have been presented to you.

    Good luck as you work things out from day to day.


  2. I'm sorry for all you are going through.


  3. Sue

    my heart goes out to you and T.

    I just don't know what else to say.... I only wish we were closer...

  4. My deepest condolences, on so many levels, for all that you are living through. My on-going support and encouragement, and COURAGE for all that you are dealing with.

    As far as what anyone expects to read here, consider that perhaps we come seeking news of our friends? Accepting that what we read here is what you choose to share. It is enough.

    Also, when I come here, I look forward to reading of your spiritual journey, and the nuggets of wisdom you glean from that journey. Over the years there has been so much. And rest assured, these nuggets come in many shapes and sizes related to every aspect of life. You don't have to be the poly-amorous bdsm answer people, nor the place for titillating and lurid details. It truly is enough that you simply ARE. And whatever you choose to share is ENOUGH. Just BE. You are all loved, just the way you are, whatever that may mean.

    Peace and warm hugs and much love,

  5. I'm so sad to hear this, and I wish you all well. I hope things get better soon.


  6. Well shit. That sucks for all of you. I'm sorry to hear it.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear this. I'm glad you and T are in accord. I second , third, and fourth, everything said in the comments above.

  8. I could try to be eloquent, but the reality is that words from a stranger only carry so much weight. Oatmeal girl and tapestry said it best anyways. I followed a link here about 8 months ago, and have enjoyed hearing about your lives, adventures, triumphs, and struggles. I carry no expectations of content or requirements of "value."

    I wish you and T, and Tom, the best.

  9. Sue, since you and T are both capable people I'm sure you will work out something good between you. In the meantime, keep us posted on whatever you want to share. Give us news of Tom, too, if you have any.

  10. My thoughts are and have always been with you.

  11. I am so sorry all of this is happening to all of you. It makes me feel so sad.

    Wishing for peace.


  12. I am sorry for all that all of you have gone through lately. What helps me when life goes off kilter is reminding myself that "this too shall pass".

    Sending you internet (((HUGS)))


  13. I am holding you both close in my heart. I'm sure you are grieving the loss of so much. I pray this will be a time of healing and wisdom to sort it all out. Hugs to you.

  14. I am so sad it has come to this. I know it's not the reality that any of you wanted. If there anything I can do...I am here.

  15. My sincere condolences...
    All I read here shows courage and honesty, hoping that Y/you will face actual events with talent as usual.. Stay as Y/you are...

    PS/ I lost My younger brother (at 30) last october and I can say that whiky is a good medecine on the funeral day.... Even if it's not a hole filling... (but I always have a gentle drunk attitude :-)

  16. i cant even imagine the hurt you are all going through- you have had so much in recent months. just take care- take one day at a time- catch your breath and just be.

  17. Dear family,

    Pretty much what everyone one else here said. We come because we have come to care about all of you. It's your lives and ups and downs. And moving forward as best you can, and that ties us you.
    Warm hugs and continued supportive thoughts,

  18. I am sorry to hear that things are so difficult for you all and hope your troubles pass soon, having someone to love is the hardest and easiest of things...sometimes both at the same time.


  19. We are so sorry.

    Stay together. Stay strong.


  20. weirdgirl5:27 PM

    I can but echo the sentiments of those before me...

    Wishing all three of you strength and love.


  21. Ah damn!! Hugs and prayers to you all. I'm so very sorry this is taking so long to settle down.


  22. I'm so sorry that you are going through this.


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