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We are three adults living in a polyamorous triad family. The content here is intended for an adult audience. If you are not an adult, please leave now.


Today...a fairy tale's say you decide you want a Wendy's hamburger. You want it very badly. Soooo you go to Wendy's and place your order. You wait for over an hour to pay for that order, but you want this burger more than anything in the world, so you wait. Then they tell you to go across town to pickup your hamburger. You get into your car and haul ass across town, only to be told they had not received the order and that you have to wait outside in the cold until the order comes through. BUT they are about to close and you might have to come back tomorrow morning to get your burger. You ask them to contact the store where your order was placed and they say that they will try, but you still have to go outside and wait because you are not welcome in their store. So you go outside and try to call the original store, only to find they closed 10 minutes ago. You try everything you can to get your burger and are finally told the order has arrived......BUT they are out of hamburger and will not have more until the morning. You try to change your order to a chicken sandwich and are told that it was not on the original order so you cannot have that either. Your only alternative is to go home, then come back the next morning when the hamburger is being delivered.

This was my day.....and we all know I was not interested in getting a hamburger. I did everything I was asked and/or told I needed to do. I followed all of the rules. I was told things were being done and they were not being done as promised. If Wendy's ran their business as this County Office runs theirs, they would be out of business and bankrupt before year's end. But because we are at the mercy of people who do not give a damned about anything or anyone, we are forced to be separated one more night.

It is not right. It is not fair. I am furious. And even more furious that there is nothing I can do about my family being treated badly.

Our tax dollars at work???..... Work? ..... HARDLY!!!!

one ticked off T


  1. Dear T and family,

    Sorry to read of todays frustrations. 'Bureaucrats', seem to be some alien version of people that are able to lose their connection to the rest of us. Hard to think they are like us in how they can be so disconnected from the impact they can have on our lives.

    General Mackenzie Hawkins from the book Road to Gandolfo had the best term for them I'd ever heard.. "pricky shits'.... and it fits them so well! Again, terribly sorry that you had such a 'hurry up and wait' day.

    Will continue sending energy and good wishes.. and hopes that you are able to get that burger tomorrow!

    Warm cyber hugs,

  2. Oh I sympathize with the frustration with the bureaucracy, and often from the inside looking out at it. I'm going to send you all more energy and good wishes, cause it seems like you might need them. Best wishes. Sin

  3. It really is a crying shame. If the judge said he can go and they don't release him, isn't that wrongful imprisonment at this point?

    Sorry you have to wait, but it is joyful he'll be home soon!

  4. Impish111:57 AM



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