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We are done.

It has been a very long week. Mom's viewing was this past Monday evening and we all got thru' it unscathed.....sorta.

My brother, my niece, and I all woke up Tuesday morning to hoarse voices, nasty rain, and Mom's funeral. All 3 of us hoped we just talked too much at the viewing.....nope.

Yesterday, I had a nasty sore throat all day and a headache....haven't had a headache since before my knee replacement because Vicodin is a wonderful thing. My brother is still raspy and I told my niece to get her butt to the doctor.

Today, I'm even worse. Head congestion, cough, sore throat, sinus pressure. I called our Doc and in a snow storm went to see him. He is a sweet man with a plan. Simply put, I have a nasty sinus infection. Have been prescribed a Z-Pack and told to take long, hot, steamy showers.

I already took the week off from work to get a chunk of Mom's stuff completed. There will be even more to do in the future when we decide to liquidate her home and belongings. And of course there is that nasty probate for the house and car. I am the oldest so I am the Executrix.

This week has sucked the big-wazoo in too many ways to count. I am heading for a hot soak in my tub with a book and then bed with my tissue box.

I am done, in more ways than one.



  1. I hope you feel better soon sweeti (((HUGS)))
    With your plate being soo full lately its a miracle that you are not sick. I got behind in reading the blog for awhile but now its one of my favorites. Your clan is fearless in writing about your lives....the best, the worst and everything in between. Its inspirational :)


  2. Worrisome title, but I understand. I hope you get well quickly. Having to go through all that and being sick too is too much.

    I'm sending prayer and strength because having been the executor of my parents estate I can tell you that sadly you are just beginning. My parents had everything in a trust to make everything as simple as humanly possible and it was still overwhelming at times.

    All I can say is keep records and label things as you never have before. Get an accordion file box and either memorize your mom SS# or have it written and in your wallet.

  3. Feel better soon, t. It's a nasty virus, and it's all over the place. Some of us (like me) get it with the sinus infection, which the Z-pak does help, but then there's the need to sleep and sleep and sleep. No way to rush it.

    I strongly suggest chicken soup. And try to enjoy it (well, at least appreciate it) as forcing you to get the rest you probably need anyway.

    Electronic hugs (no danger of cross-infection,

  4. Dear t,
    You again, have our deepest sympathies and well wishes. Things can feel so overwhelming and when we're sick on top of that, well, maybe time to curl up and try to sleep and recover as you can.
    Sending warm energy hugs,

  5. T I am sure at this point you are wondering "what else can happen?!"

    Try and take care of you and let the rest slide as much as possible - until you are up and running again...

  6. Impish112:26 PM

    Take the best care of yourself that you can, dear. I amazed that you have been able to hold off this long without getting sick. Your immune system has certainly been under attack for a while now. Good thoughts, best wishes for better days to you and all...


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