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Mini Vacation

We are away from home this weekend.  Just a few hours drive north from our comfy Cincinnati condo homes lies Maumee Bay State Park on the shores of Lake Erie.  So, we've packed up ample provisions and enough warm clothing to accommodate the autumnal weather in these parts and traveled north for a few days of quiet and relaxation.

We drove up this afternoon, leaving home at about noon, and arriving at the park around 4 PM.  We got into our room, and almost immediately stepped out onto the patio of our room.  There, right outside our door, is the magnificence of Lake Erie, and so we wandered down to the edge of the big lake -- with an almost simultaneous, group "wow!"

He and I went walking this evening on a boardwalk nature trail that runs out through the woods and the marshes.  We did not walk as far as we normally might, but found the uneveness of the boardwalk to be a good bit more challenging than our usual path.  Too, even with our headlamps, the walk through the woods in the dark was a bit spooky -- even with an absolutely lovely full moon.  Tomorrow, we are looking forward to exploring a bit more in the daylight when we can actually see the place. 

We've just returned from enjoying a very nice and very simple dinner at a tiny little Chinese restaurant that Master remembered from the years when He lived here in Toledo.  We are all tucked into our nice little room.  Relaxing.  Nothing at all driving us and no place at all that we must be.  It is good for us to get away sometimes, and so for the next couple of days, we'll rest and recreate and play together as a family.  If we haven't much to say here, that is the reason.


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  1. This looks really wonderful! We'll be heading to our own big lake soon - Lake Superior, but I'm sure it won't be a warm and welcoming as your trip just because I know it will be much cooler weather. Hope you all have a great time!


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