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Abstinence Plan Clarification

As this process progresses I am surprised at how much easier it is going, and how really good I am feeling. I want to make it clear that weekend moderate drinking mentioned in the plan is an upper limit and not a quota. I wouldn't violate the plan were I not to drink this weekend at all. I have no intent to end drinking totally for ever and ever. On the other hand at this point I am not sure when it is I will be ready to drink again as well.

I am amazed at how I am feeling and how this is evolving.

BTW we had a nice dinner out last night. t turned in early with a headache. swan and I played with me Topping her and then making love. She gave me a wonderful bedtime massage, followed by a very playful "spanking" session in which she essentially played paddy cake with my butt, not wanting to interfere with the healing that is ongoing from the punishment spankings I received last week. We were very blissed out and on the same massage table in our bedroom that I was restrained on for my terrible whipping Sunday morning. Unlike then, it was the site of huge pleasure and relaxation.

We haven't played in the evening for a long time. Usually we don't want to because I am impaired by alcohol. It is wonderful waking up knowing how the evening ended:)

All the best,


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