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We are three adults living in a polyamorous triad family. The content here is intended for an adult audience. If you are not an adult, please leave now.


A Wonderful Afternoon

We played together late yesterday afternoon. Simple spanking play with lots of sensual stuff thrown in. Slow and luxurious. It was wonderful.

For me, it was a wonderful opportunity to drop back into place -- to give the control back into His hands; settle into the rhythms that He established, and simply surrender myself to whatever sensations He was interested in creating. It was intense enough by times, that I had to work and concentrate and focus, but never so extreme that I fell over into panic. As we went along, I found my mind quieting down, my breathing growing deeper, and my muscles relaxing. Even as my backside grew stingy and hot, I felt a sense of well-being spreading through my whole body. When it was over, I was feeling soft and safe and snuggly.

And then...

We switched places. He got onto the massage table, in the place that I'd just vacated, and I took the Top position. He'd set the tone with me, and I worked to maintain that same nurturing, luxurious, sensual mood. I rubbed His back and His butt, and I scratched Him with a variety of knives. It is pretty interesting how different the steel of one knife can feel from another. Blades are so variable in terms of quality and workmanship... But I digress. I used a range of implements with Him -- some of them I knew He'd used with me, and others were ones that He may not have used but that I thought to re-introduce Him to. It is, for us both, an exploratory process as He is much more sensitive and responsive to sadomasochistic sensation than He was when He weighed over 300 pounds. Although we used to switch pretty regularly, it is as if He is meeting each implement for the first time. Much of our play together is almost technical as we experiment with the different toys in our collection. When I was finished, I gave Him a short backrub, and then we all wandered off to have sugar-free, fat-free, vanilla, frozen yogurt cones for dinner.

YES. I said DINNER. It was great fun.

For us, it feels like a reconstitution of our sexual/erotic connection. As if all of this recent drama has spun us back to one another with a stronger bond and a deeper love than we had before. And in as much as I worried, going through all of this, that there might never again be a place for me to be "just His," Sunday afternoon's wonderful session felt sexy as hell and more, it felt like coming home.



  1. SM play that is mutually satisfying, sex, and fat free, sugar free, frozen yogurt cones may come to be some of the answer to the question of how we celebrate our lives in the futuer without rich food, sugar,alcohol,drugs, tobacco, etc.

    Thank you sweetie. Yesterday's sessions were wonderful on both ends of the power exchange, and, yes, experiencing the toys we have added to our collection in the last five years or so since I last switched, is a new sensual erotic exploration. Beyond that, even our old standby toys, I've experienced very often in the past, are an entirly new experience sensed via my drastically altered physiology, having lost half its mass and size,
    they create an entirely new phenomenology. I think herein lies potential for a new post in the near future.

    I love you,

    Mine Always and All Ways,


    Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined.

  2. Impish12:36 PM

    Well, it doesn't get much better than that. Yeah.


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