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Knee Update

I know....this is not what you are all peeking around here to see....but there are a few people who have kept track of my TKR so here is the update.....

The PT guy can barely get his hand under my knee when I flatten it out on the table...this is very good. I have out-patient PT 3 times a week.

I can bend the knee to 117% ....the goal is 120% by 6 weeks......this is week 3. So they are very pleased.

I can walk a grocery store using a cart as support and do not need to use the electric carts unless I am tired.

I am able to drive.

I can walk around the condos without my cane, as long as I use my head and if I am tired, use the damned cane.

I don't have to wear the support stockings. I am off Coumadin. I am down to 1 pain pill every 4-6 hours.

I think that is the most recent info. I return to work on Jan. 3rd, so I am right on track for that to occur.



  1. that is wonderful news !!!

    Keep up the good work..... soon you'll be ready to start training for the marathon :)

  2. Great job! abby

  3. She is, indeed, Super T! It is absolutely amazing how well and how quickly my sister-heart is recovering from this major surgery. Some of that is because we have the world's best orthopedic guy, and some of it is because of improved techniques and technologies, but most of it is because she is brave and determined and has worked ridiculously hard.


  4. Anonymous6:18 PM

    That's brilliant! well done you!

  5. You should be proud of yourself. That is good news. Be very careful if you go out, bad weather is on its way.

  6. LIKE! (I wish that the Facebook Like button was everywhere, lol!)

    Yay T!!!

    Such good news. :)

  7. weirdgirl8:49 PM

    congratulations on such a fantastic recovery! great job! :)

  8. it all sounds wonderful! keep up the good recovery!

  9. Rhonda12:22 AM

    amazing! i bet you are the glue for all of the rest that ails all of you. Go, lady! i love your strength.

  10. Anonymous7:37 AM

    It's wonderful to hear you are doing so well with your recovery. I'm a lurker here, reading but never commenting. I've felt sorry to read of the events and turmoil of the past few months. I wish all of your family well going forward and continued success with your amazing recovery from TKR.... Ruby

  11. I would think that the only reason people read here is because they care about your family so of course we're very happy to hear you're doing so well. I know that there is a knee replacement somewhere in my future. I love to hear of one that went so well.


  12. This is WONDERFUL news update... My Dad had problems with his knees almost all of his life. He even had his kneecaps removed and was told he would never bend his leg again, guess what he fooled the Medical world BIG time.

    I think you are right up there with your progress and I am SO HAPPY for you big time.


  13. Congratulations on such great progress!

    The strength of the human spirit is quite amazing.

  14. caitriona9:23 PM

    Congratulations on such positive news, t! I know that does not come without hard work so a big kudos to you as well!


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